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Canon HFS 20 - Help needed with using external mic via MIC Terminal - recording mono only

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I am using an audio technica ATR 3350 microphone via the mic terminal on the camcorder. I have a little bit of static noise which i could if i had to deal with unless there is a simple fix, however the biggest problem is it only seems to be recording in what i believe is mono.  Meaning that when i play the video back on my computer, it is only coming out of one speaker and not both of them which i guess means its only being recorded in mono of one channel?


I have searched the internet for help on this and thought i'd at least better write this and see if anyone could help me.  I've been trying to figure this out believe it or not for a year or so.  Can anyone pls tell me what i am doing wrong but more importantly how to fix it so it sounds normal out of both speakers.



Thank you for your help!
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That microphone (the plug) is wired to record to just one channel.

What you need is a mono-to-stereo jack adapter.

Took me two seconds to google, but then I knew what to look for,
explanation with links to you solution; http://cheesycam.com/3-5mm-mono-to-stereo-for-audio-technica-lav-zoom-recorder/
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Would I be likely to find this in a store, If so would you know what stores I could find this in such as radio shack?

If so I will pick one up tomorrow!

Thank you
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