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Default S10 vs hf20 Refurbs

Hi all,

Been a lurker for a bit, now have a question for you pros...

was looking at Canon's refurb section and they have two interesting cameras on sale.

1) S10 for $484+tax

2) Hf20 for $282+tax

These seem like really good prices for these models. I am thinking of pulling the trigger on one of these and was wondering what your take might be if I am using it for the following;

1) Gonna film interior of homes (real estate walk thru's) for some listings

2) Video vlogging (currently use a Kodiak zi8- which does a decent job)

3) Personal fun video stuff

Would the Hf20 do the job? Or do you think its better to upgrade to the s10, which should be a better overall camera with a large sensor and do low lighting better?

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