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Hello all

I have a question specifically to the file size that I am getting when converting the .MOV files from my Canon SX1 IS to AVCHD in VideoStudio Pro X2.

I am not having any difficulties importing, rendering, etc. It is strictly a file size issue that has me perplexed. Some details:

Desktop Pentium

Corel VideoStudio Pro X2

Canon SX1 IS

The Canon SX1 IS records video with H.264, with a .MOV wrapper. The specs on the Canon state that when recording a video in HD (1920x1080), it records at ~ 5200 kbps. This is confirmed by the file sizes I get when I record in HD. At ~ 5.2 MB/s, that equals around a 320 MB file size per minute of recording time. This is what I'm seeing.

So, I import a .MOV file into VideoStudio and render an AVCHD disk. Without exception, I get a resulting rendered file that is 1/4 the size--whether I had a 50 MB, 200 MB, or 2 GB file to start with. I have the quality set to 100, the datarate set to max (18000 kbps), and every other thing I can find maxed-out in VideoStudio.

The resulting video doesn't look bad, in fact, it actually looks surprizingly good for coming from a camera. But I can't help but think that I'm losing a lot of information, and even better quality video, in the process.

I know AVCHD is good at compression, but since the .MOV from the Canon is already in H.264, am I getting a double H.264 compression by doing this?

What are the best ways to do this?


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