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Canon to release a 2.5:1 LCOS projector

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This is reported in the current issue of the German magazine Audiovision. There was no information about the expected price or when the projector would be released. There was a picture of the projector displaying nothing but allowing you to see the very wide image thrown.

Even though the heading said 2.5:1 the announcement actually stated that the image is 2600 x 1000 pixels.

This could be really exiting although I suppose it would have been nice if they had been able to make it 1080 in vertical resolution.

No more lenses.
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There was a thread with picture a few weeks back on this. Yes, it looks very exciting. I hope it catches on and other manufactures give it a shot.
Any chance on a link to that thread? I'm not having luck with the search function.
I've got my anamorphic lens over my rubbish bin as we speak :D
''rubbish bin''.......that's ''trash can'' for all you yanks! :D
All I can say is... WOW.

If the price, brightness, and contrast is right, then it shall be mine.
I stand corrected. The post I was refereing to was an LCD projector. This is very exciting news.
If it's seamless it could be awesome. Again probably JVC panel/panels?

Any links to more info?
Originally Posted by Alan Gouger
I stand corrected. The post I was refereing to was an LCD projector. This is very exciting news.
No, Alan, you were correct, there was a report of this LCOS machine with photos, here it is!

Real 2.35:1 projector is here! Or is it?

Good looking projector! The Japanese page at that time only said this is a prototype, no dates on product launching. I certainly hope they can bring it out, but they need a better contrast ratio for HT use. With Ruby setting the contrast ratio standard for LCOS machine, Canon SX50 level of contrast is not enough any more ...
wow. This should kill all the Ruby sales. Time to get back on the fence
If it really is dual 1400x1050 panels it should be interesting even lacking CR (assuming no worse than the SX50) depending on pricing.

I can live with 15 pixels lost top and bottom...its the overlap that might suck looking at the image in your thread.

This projector has been shown before. Blended JVC panels
I wonder if 2600x1000 is a typo and if it should be 2600x1050.

Is a wide aspect ratio more for movies or for presentations?

Will this projector be at CES? I hope so.
I assume the point is watching 2.35:1 material without black bars?

If so then 1000(1050) vertical resolution could be over doing it.

The reason is that you will be zooming the image anyway for width, and the only thing you will be throwing away is the encoded black bar area etc.

Ie 1080 and 2.35:1, the active picture area is less due to the black bars.

Or will 1080p stuff come with a anamorphic type squeeze that allows 2.35-1 without the encoded in black bars etc.

Watching 16.9 1080p stuff would mean losing some vertical lines though.
Where in TsungILin's thread (link above) does it catagorically state that this projector uses ''blended panels''??
Look at the screenshot you can see the two panels with some overlap. The one on the left is a tad darker.

Shouldn't this be moved to the LCOS forum now?
Originally Posted by ziggyr
''rubbish bin''.......that's ''trash can'' for all you yanks! :D
"Rubbish Bin"? I thought you Brits called it a "Suggestion Box".

-Mr. Wigggles
Say, about the blending, the CRT guys have been looking for a good blending solution for a long time, there's one on the way it seems but it looks like it's pushing towards $20K, how are they blending the panels on this machine?

There's gotta be a cheap way to quality blending with all the video processing power we have out there, but it hasn't really trickled down from specialty applications that I've seen?
We don't know if the projector uses blended chips or not, this is mere speculation due to an image which shows a blending zone and could be because might have used two projectors rear-projection style (SX50?) to demonstrate how it would look like, for example because the prototype wasn't functional. It could be blended though, either six panels or two panels, we will see.
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