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Now that the Canon Vixia HF11 and HF200 are both selling for $600, the purchase decision is even harder.

I've read many of the threads debating which is better, but most of them are theoretical rather than A-B real use comparisons. Some say the HF11 is better because it has a bigger sensor. Some say the HF200 is better because it has better resolution. Others give the the HF11 the nod because it shoots better in low light. Still others argue the HF200 wins because you can manually compensate for low light, plus you get a longer zoom.

So, this post is for those who have actually tested out both camcorders and can give a definitive, or at least experience recommendation. Which would you buy and why?

Also, feel free to give your opinion of the HFS100 if you think it's worth the extra $400.
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