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my wife has a Curve,

it "sync'ed" to her OUTLOOK at work when she charged it on the USB.

and the software at her work computer (ver 4.30.17) has "email manager" on it

the same software on her home laptop (with the correct OUTLOOK profile on it) does NOT have the email manager.

we have deletedthe BB software on the home laptop, reloaded, erased, deleted, and all i can think.

we even tried to download the software off the blackberry site, but that doesn't work for some reason. it installs, but there is nothing to run or do, not even a folder. so i had to reinstall off the same CD we have used to load both computers before

how do i change the email on the phone from her work address to her home address?

what is the best way to "wipe" the phone and start over?

she found a "wipe" function the other day, but can't find it now

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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