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Can't get 5.1 out of DVD player (is it broken?)

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This is my first post here. I've read the forums for about 2 days and havent found anything to answer my questions.

I have an HK AVR325 receiver, and a Sony DVP NC615 5 disk DVD player that I picked up OPEN box from CC last week. Now it didnt come with a manual, so I'm unsure as to whether i'm doing something wrong or the player is messed up.

This is the 2nd receiver i've tried to hook up so I know the receiver is not the problem.

I have the dvd player connected by a digital coax cable. This is a new cable but since I dont want to drop another 20$'s on a cable I have not tried a different cable.

No matter what sound I try to set dolby 5.1 or DTS my receiver NEVER seems to play anything other than pro-logic or one of the other virtual formats.

I've switched the audio track's on the dvd. it either lists DOLBY 2.0 or something like DOLBY 3/2.1 (when you go to the display status menu).

I would assume that by attaching digital sound in, and just using the DVD to select the sound format (and assuming working components) everything should work.

My suspicion is the DVD player is broken (not a big deal because I can still return it) but I wanted to get some advice before I take that step. I'm relitiviely new to this HT stuff and was wondering if anybody could help me.

Thanks so much!

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Most DVD players require you to properly set the digital out put in order to send the DD/DTS data. I am not familiar with this player so hopefully someone will chime here with the correct response for this player.
Yea it would be great if somebody was familliar with sony dvd players!! :)

someone... are you out there? ...
Not familiar with Sony, but in the player's setup menus you should make sure that the audio output is set for "Bitstream", not "PCM". That tends to be most people's problem when this happens.

BTW, 3/2.1 = 5.1. Same thing.
Thanks for the 3/2.1 info. So the likely cause is that my DVD player is successfully decoding the audio, but its sending out a 2-channel PCM stream instead of bitstream. Makes me wish i had the manual.

Does anybody know Sony DVD players?
Have you checked to see if you can download the manual from the Sony website? Several manufacturers have their owner's manuals in pdf on the web. Don't know if sony does this, though.

Originally posted by jeffsui
So the likely cause is that my DVD player is successfully decoding the audio, but its sending out a 2-channel PCM stream instead of bitstream.
That tends to be a common problem. Verify your settings and see if it works.

Makes me wish i had the manual.
I have yet to find a DVD player owner's manual that explained the different audio settings with any clarity. Most of these books are translated from Japanese or Chinese to English by people not terribly fluent in either language.
If you bring up the DVD menu onscreen you will see where you have to enable Dolby Digital and DTS. I don't know why they make you do this. I would think most everyone would want the 5.1 enabled. My son and his best friend both called me with a question similar to yours and they had the manual. Good luck.

Thank you all!

The posts here got me started. I stubled across some other forum that said you can only get the setup menu if the dvd player is empty. And there I managed to find the PCM / BITSTREAM settings.

Now i dont have to return the player cause it had no manual. Thanks all!
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