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Can't get AC3 to work in VMC..

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New problem that I didn't know I had.

I can't get AC3 to work inside Vista Media Center. I've tried both ffdshow tryouts and AC3Filter. Everything gets output as 2 channel PCM. I am using analog connections.

It works perfect in Media Player Classic. I have full 5.1. In VMC, its always 2 channels. Actually with AC3Filter I couldn't get DTS to work either, but with FFD, atleast that works.

Anyone have any solutions?

Most of the files are in the .mkv wrapper.
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no one has the same problem?
Media Player Classic may be using a different graph than VMC since it can make use of its own internal filters.

Do you have Haali Media Splitter installed? You also don't want ffdshow decoding your AC3 if you're using AC3Filter...it sort of defeats the purpose and may be the cause of your audio getting downsampled to 2-channels. Use one or the other and ensure both are set to output either original channels or 5.1 (default is 2.0, I believe). Turn SPDIF off for AC3 and DTS since you're not using it.
yeah im using 1 at a time, not both at the same time.

Heres my decoding chain from AC3Filter. I don't know what option to change..I've tried almost everything..

(AC3 - 48000) -> Decoder -> (Linear PCM 3/2.1 (5.1) 48000) -> Processor -> (PCM16 2/0 (stereo) 48000) -> Dejitter -> (PCM16 2/0 (stereo) 48000)
The best I can do is to point you to the multichannel setup for analog output . It's for 1.30b, but should still hold true. There are additional settings outside of AC3Filter that need to be set, so hopefully that is where the problem is.
I use AC3 filter for VMC and it works fine. Just have to configure it properly. I'm at work right now so I can't tell you exactly how I have it setup. I just played around with it till I had it working.
are you using analog or SPDIF?

SPDIF works fine for me, but thats not what Im trying to use.
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