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Can't Get Home Theatre To Work Help

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Hi Everyone,

Just hooked up my samsung 5265 cable guy just left but he just hooked up the HD cable box with DVR I have a Nakamichi AV10 worked fine with my old sony CRT but never had a cable box before I've tried the optical and the coaxial when I go into the menu on the TV to look for the Nakamichi it can't find any receiver, I'm not an expert at this but I've been putting my system together for years but I can't figure this one out, been at it for 4 hrs?????????? Any help or insight would be appreciated.
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"I've tried the optical and the coaxial when I go into the menu on the TV to look for the Nakamichi it can't find any receiver"

Sounds like input/output confusion to me. I thought that you would go to the receiver menu to find the TV and not the other way around as you stated. Am I missing something?
sounds like you have the order wrong. what I am understanding you to be saying is that you have hooked up in this order:

cable box->TV->receiver...

you need to go:

cable box->receiver->TV
What you are saying is just the opposite of what all the information from the cable box and the receiver manual says. You never go thought the receiver its always thought either 1- wall to VCR to TV in this case there is no VCR so it has to be #1 wall Ist line coming into the house > then cablebox > TV the audio is suppose to be hooked up via the cablebox either though optical or coaxial and the same goes for the DVD which I do have an optical running to the receiver.
Do you have a DVD player to at least make sure your optical is working? Generally you have to do some sort of assignment of the digital inputs on most AVR's.

Sometimes you have to switch the AVR from analog to digital as wel.
Yes the DVD works though the optical and the audio still comes from the TV I'm going to try messing with the digital imputs on the AVR but I think the issue is because I never had a cable box in the set up plus the new TV and all the HDMI imputs all new to me but I know I those in the right place. This is just very frustrating that's all. I thought I was pretty good at setting things up but apparently not.

Originally Posted by Ant52 /forum/post/0

Yes the DVD works though the optical and the audio still comes from the TV

By "comes from", do you mean that the sound comes out of the TV speakers, or are you referring to the TV passing the audio signal along to the receiver? Are there any cables going directly from your DVD player to the receiver, or is the DVD player connected only to the TV? Do you have other speakers? Do you ever want the sound to come out your TV speakers, or should it always come out your "real" speakers?

It would help a lot if you would describe precisely how your TV, receiver, HDDVR, and DVD player are connected. Make a list with one item per cable, describing what component & connector each end is connected to. Verifying the connections might be a good idea, too -- you might find that it isn't connected how you think it is.

Here's my guess at what is wrong, but it is just a wild guess: You are using your TV to select the audio, and have the TV optical out connected to the receiver optical input. The HD-DVR is connected to the TV with an HDMI cable. But the TV doesn't output the audio from the HDDVR on it's optical output (since it is connected via HDMI), so you don't get any sound. One possible fix: connect the HDDVR directly to the receiver using an optical cable, and be sure to select the right input on the receiver, since the DVD and HDDVR will be on different inputs on the receiver now.

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