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EDIT: Found a stupid mistake. Disregard this post.

Don't know if I am in the right place, but I'll give it a try.

Panasonic 50V10, ISP is Comcast, using Linksys router (router is also attached to Comcast's Thomson modem) and linksys adapter attached to TV.

Have the set for almost two years. When I set it up, I was able to get into the internet via VieraCast and was able to update firmware, but I never used these connections again until recently. BTW, my wireless system works with my laptop. Anyway, when i now try to hook into the net, I get a "001" error message that I can't connect. Then when I go into the TV's network set up and run the connection test, I get "LAN not connected correctly." But, I'm not using LAN, I'm wireless??? Any help appreciated, including directing me to any other forum that might be more appropriate.
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