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Cant get Svideo to work with I/O Magic

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I just cant seem to be able to get the svideo to work. I can get the composite to work though.

Anyone have an idea what the problem could be?


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can post a little information about your setup, which OS, which capture card drivers, what sofware program (dscaler?) are you using. what source are you trying to input into the svideo port on the iomagic card?

Sorry about that....I guess that would help

Dell 8100

Pentium 4

Radeon 64DDR



I/O Magic

Have connected my Sony DSS receiver through the Composite to my I/O Magic. Have also run an s-video cable to the I/O Magic but when I choose svideo in Dscaler all i get is a blue screen.

Thanks for any help.

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not that i think it is the problem but which card did you choose in the dscaler hardware setup.

i agree with x, make sure you can get powervcr to work first.
Which sony receiver do you have? If its an HD receiver, you will need to switch off HD to get the SD output(S-Video) of the receiver to work.
I got powervcr to work and when I choose svideo in there it doesnt work either...all I get is a blue screen.

My receiver is not an HDTV one. It's a SAT A-50.

My choice in dscaler is the pinacle with phillips ntsc.

Could it be that the svideo IS disabled on my card??? (like the manual says)

Or is there a setting I'm missing?


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doubt your svideo port is disabled. are you certain that the svideo cable you are using is working and plugged in properly?
Yep. Even tried another set of cables.

Anyone else?
I would try another source of s-video output.

If it still doesn't work, or you have no other s-video source, you might want to exchange the board.
perhaps they finally decided to correct what the manual says.... by making the svideo input disabled?

did you get it at CompUSA?

does the box say something like DR-PCTV100?
perhaps they finally decided to correct what the manual says.... by making the svideo input disabled?
Who is "they?"
This thread is confusing. ;)

Try a different card setting. That's what handles things like this.

Good luck.
uhh, "they" would refer to whoever wrote the manual. Have you read it?

That depends which manual you are referring to: PowerVCR or the one that comes with the I/O card (which is what I asked above).

If this is only in reference to PowerVCR/s-video issues, then I have no interest...

If the crippled s-video output is on the I/O card, I am interested because I was considering buying one of these from a friend, buit if it is unable to take the s-video input from DirectTV receiver, I won't bother. This the reaason for my interest.

Excuse me all to Hell, if by asking you to clarify your post I have offended you...

Ditto if I have gotten my signals crossed reading/understanding this thread..
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yes this is a confusing thread :)

penone i would return your iomagic card for another one sounds like yours might be a lemmon. if the replacement card exhibits the same problem well...

ive not heard of anyone else not being able to use the svideo input on the card.

i think the chances of the svideo input being disabled are slim --> none

for what its worth, the images from this cheap card produce very little noise.
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First, "they" referes to the one's who wrote the manual. Sorry to confuse you guy.

Second, thanks everyone for your help on this. I have found the culprit and it was the svideo cable. As usual it is the simplest answer that is always right. When I used yet ANOTHER cable this one worked perfect.

Lastly, sorry if this thread was "confusing" to you guys.

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