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For a while I always thought my pc monitor was really inferior to my Samsung EH5000, till I bought a new monitor with better contrast ratio and realized I have been crushing my blacks on my TV and have just gotten used to it.

So I have been trying to correct it, but haven't had much luck.


Can not see the flashing patterns on clipping videos. Been primarily testing with the APL one.

I can actually see the edges of the numbers flash a bit, but no patterns.

0%, 10%, 20%, etc... static videos seem fine.


I am running Lubuntu 13.10 and XBMC 13.0 (just updated, thought they might have added range settings, but guess not yet.)

Using a cheap Geforce 8400GS with hdmi for hardware acceleration that has worked well.

Have tried:

YCbCr and RGB (Full and Limited) on X-Server

Both Low and Normal on my TV

XBMC,Gnome Player, Youtube for the APL Clipping pattern.

Disabling Hardware Acceleration in XBMC.

Tested APL Clipping on my PS3. Can see patterns fine.


If I had to guess from what I have learned from troubleshooting thus far I would guess either the video card or the decoder.

I have spent hours now googling this and have come up empty handed so any help would be great.
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