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Can't stream My Videos from MCE2005 to Xbox 360

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Hi All,

Okay... via a wired ethernet connection between MCE2005 pc and an XBox 360 premium, I can stream Live HDTV, play My Music and view my Pictures, but...I can't play My Movies (or My Videos) ripped from my DVDs to Media Center 2005 pc's hard drive . Am I feeling the effects of the dreaded "DRM" ? Anyway around this? (My Movies are Video_ts format)


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Originally Posted by GBO Possum
It may be a file format problem. This FAQ lists supported ones:-
Hi GBO Possum,

Appreciate the link. I see mpegs and WMV are ok, but not vobs. Oh well, can't see any reason to take this any further. Not really a problem as I can watch "My Movies" via Zoomplayer and Geforce 6600GT's DVI-M1 to Infocus SP4805 and 5.1 DD thru Creative Xtreme Music card into AV receiver.

It would have been convenient....oh well, thanks for the reply.

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Try this: http://www.videora.com/en-us/Converter/Xbox360/

Reduced video quality and only stereo but nice!

I have also had luck just changing the VOB extension to MPG or AVI. Really!

Good luck...
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