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Does anyone have any information on Canton subwoofers? They're a German, seemingly high-end company and are barely mentioned on avsforum.

Specifically, accessories4less has the Canton ASD 250 SC as well as the Canton ASD 110 SC at clearance prices. Specs appear identical and are pretty impressive (I think) for the $300 or less price range I'm looking at. Supposed frequency response down to 22 hz.

The only difference I can see between the two is the ASD-110's 200 W output compared to the ASD-250's 150. And to further confuse me, that seems backwards compared to their naming convention. Does anyone have any input on these or should I just steer clear and go with one of the more commonly talked about subs? Thanks.

Room specs:

Apartment 13 x 17 ft + a kitchen attached at the back

2 x Infinity P362 floorstanders

1 x Infinity PC350 center

2 x Energy C100 for rears

HK 254 receiver
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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