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Canvas Photos over Batt Insulation?

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Disclaimer - this post doesn't really belong here but I know you guys know the answer.

In my old age (my 29 joke is wearing very thin), I'm becoming more and more sensitive to loud noises, especially the temper tantrums of my four year old son

As part of planning my home theater I've come to understand that build custom sound dampening wall panels is really not very difficult at all, but I'm not sure my wife would be super keen on having a bunch of colored rectangles in some of our most frequently used rooms. So I came up with the idea of a canvas print from Walgreen's or something like that.

Does that just defeat the purpose though? Will the sound reflect almost as readily off of canvas as it would a painted wall? Is there enough benefit there to be worth the effort/cost?

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Originally Posted by BIGmouthinDC  /t/1470978/canvas-photos-over-batt-insulation#post_23270098


thank you, big! Can we clone you? We need like 50 bigs running around this place...preferably one in each state...
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