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Hi everyone,

Since I have benefited greatly from these forums for diy speaker construction I thought it high time to show my project, and potentially inspire someone else to accomplish their dream project.


Here are some photos of my build of the CAOW1s designed by Dennis Murphy. In 2013, I built 3 pair of speakers. The first pair simply re-foamed woofers from old speakers, and mounted in a new cabinet. Pretty straight forward stuff. The second project was the Overnight Sensations design by Paul Carmody. After these two practice builds I looked around for a higher end bookshelf design that was in my price range. I ordered parts from Solen Electronique Inc. They also made the air inductors to specification. I ordered fourteen gauge for the woofers, and regular 16 gauge for the tweeters. 


The cabinets are furniture grade birch plywood with solid birch front baffle. I finished the cabinets with a mix of olive oil and beeswax. The cabinets look good from a distance, but there are a couple little chips on the veneer if you look closely. I was a little nervous about warping or shifting of the solid wood baffle; so far so good. The cabinets were glued and clamped together and the rear panel was attached with countersunk wood screws. To provide a seal of the back I ran a line of silicone to approximate a gasket before closing them up. I used the Precision Circle Jig from Lee Valley. A great tool especially for tweeter holes.


Dennis Murphy has suggested either a larger cabinet with an "extra" layer in the bottom, or an external crossover because the cabinet volume is kind of small to fit all those electronics inside. It took me awhile, but I came up with a crossover placement that I hope is not messing up any induction values. He was also very kind in helping me with my several crossover questions. That was actually one of the highlights of this project: a designer that had already committed a large quantity of time in the r&d and publication of these speakers (among many), and patiently responded to a neophyte speaker builder via email. 


Overall I am very pleased with the look of the speakers, and extremely pleased with their performance.


Electronics (pre soldering) hot-glued onto 1/16" plywood

Routered front baffles with 1/2" round

Whoops, missed a spot there.

Pre-drilled for the Seas

Drivers mounted. Cabinet waxed.

Crossover glued to the bottom.

Terminals soldered and ready to attach the rear of the cabinet.


Currently my setup is quite rudimentary. A Technics st-8077 tuner through a Rega Brio-R, or an iPad via a Matrix mini dac to the Rega. I look forward to eventually hooking this up with my Rega P3. 
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