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I looking to get a TV capture card by I'm really in the air about the one to get.

My Setup right now.

I have a 65" Mit, it pretty old so it does have DVI, HDMI, or VGA input. My only HD connection is componenet. I do have RCA and S-video and coaxlefor it also. I'm will be getting a 42 Plasma soon and that one will have either DVI or HMDI (not sure which yet).

I have an HTPC that has a 9600 AIW card. I hate that setup and I don't want to use Powerstrip any more. The 9600 does a bad job with HD output. I guess I could get the dongle and it might be easier. Right now I looking in to get ATI 9800 or NV 6600 card for better and easier HD setup. I was think about getting the ATI card with threate Pro 550 or the Hauppauge 150 or 250 for the capture card. I was only also thinging about the Fusion HD card and the MYHD 130 card.

I know with the 130 card I would not need to worry about getting another video card since it has video output. (I hope I'm right on this).

I can live without Over the air HD but it would be nice to have. Right now I will most be Coping shows from analog cable, and from my DVR to my hard drive.

A few question:

Is the capture quality of the Fusion and MYHD 130 card for analog single as good as the Haup. and the ATI 550?

Is the Video output of the 130 card as good as the video cards I listed?

Right now it seems all the solution would cost me the same.

So would you go for the Haup, ATI 550, Fusion card plus new video card

or go for the MYHD 130?

If thier is an even better setup I could do also let me know. IF you could start over what setup would you do. Also I'm fairly good a building computers, but I'm pretty laze right now so the one with the less amount of headaches would go a long way with me. :)



I will not be playing any video games on this computer.
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