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Basically I need to record training seminars, a camera on the person speaking (with mic), a camera on the attendees (1 or 2 table mics) and perhaps capturing a powerpoint presentation.

The idea would be switching between the two cameras (maybe three) depending on who in the session is speaking. Switching to the projector feed when appropriate would also be part of it (not sure if this throws a wrench in things). I imagine the most straight forward way to do this would be manually. I've seen some podcast's (Joe Rogan is one) where it appears to switch between speakers automatically.

Right now we are using a single Canon Vixia HF R10 for our recording. Is this (or other similar models) compatible? If not that is fine the company wants to do it right.

Advice is greatly appreciated on software, cameras, overall the best way to do this within a modest budget!

Thanks for reading my discombobulated post.
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