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Cardinals vs. Pirates on ESPN 2

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I live in the Chicago area(Oak Park zip code 60302) and have Comcast digital cable and for some reason instead of seeing the baseball game they are showing ESPNNEWS. I can not understand why I would be blackout on this game since I live no where near the pittsburgh or st. louis market. Any one with a good explanation for this would be appreciated.
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Last I checked, it was St. Louis playing Houston.

Pittsburgh was in NY playing the Mets.
I'm in the suburbs of Chicago and get blacked out of Cardinals and some Brewers games too (Comcast, not when I had DirecTV), of course the Sox, but I could get the Cubs game that was on a couple weeks ago, so I don't get it.
I live in the Springfield,IL area and the St. Louis game was blacked out for me and I have D*.

Zip code 60302 is not in the list of zip codes that are claimed by the Cardinals as home territory, which list I found at:


in a dropdown box at the bottom of the page.
Exactly. I am not in the zipcodes for Cardinals games so why on earth am I not allowed to watch a national game on espn 2? Sorry about the error mentioning pirates, i met astros.
Comcast in your area obviously screwed up. I am in chicago and I got the game.
Originally Posted by dgordo
Comcast in your area obviously screwed up. I am in chicago and I got the game.
You probably ought to call customer service and explain what happened, just so it doesn't happen again. Although, I'm generally not very confident about the efficacy of calling customer service. But, at least it's worth a try.

If that fails, you might try to get hold of engineering. I've written and spoken several times to our TW chief engineer, and he's been very helpful.
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