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Carpet leftovers as bass trap?

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I have a couple of round columns that are hollow and that just house a speaker. It’s only covered with some spandex:

The one for the back right surround is in a corner:

I have some spare rubber-backed heavy carpet from the floor. Would it make a useful bass trap in the corner if I put some carpet, rolled up as a cylinder, in the spaces where the speaker isn’t?

And if so, would it also make sense to do it for the left back surround? That one is semi round as it’s not in a corner.
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This would be the idea. It’s quite a heavy slab rolled up. Good idea or not?

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Like any inventor you need to approach this like a science experiment and measure it. You should start without any in the columns then as you add the carpet take further measurements, The difference should indicate if this is a good idea.
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Let us know what you find.
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