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Carpet Spikes......Stability or Sound?

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What is the bottom line on carpet spikes? Are they just for stability? Are they intended to in some way enhance the sound and if so what is the theory behind it?

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lets do this......

Please post your experiences with spikes..........sound improvement or not?
Spikes -> holes.

Spikes -? sound.
I have found spikes help with timing in the base regions. Seriously.
What is "timing in the bass region"?
Originally posted by Fatman513
I have found spikes help with timing in the base regions.
Yeah, but I live in Virginia. *ba-doom-chsh*

Without spikes bass notes appear to fall behind the rest of the music. It's almost laggy, if you will. With spikes everything in the music gets pulled together; the different frequencies are in sync, or in time with the others.
Unless your speakers are very heavy (say, 50 + lbs) the cheap spikes that come with them don't really pierce the carpet and pad allowing your speakers to rest firm on the sub-floor anyway.

In that case, rubber baby buggy bumpers can actually provide a more stable foundation.

My experience = spikes with lighter speakers are less stable than using Home Depot stick-on floor protectors as feet. No difference in sound either way.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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