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Carpet vs acoustic tiles on walls

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We are just starting to design a media room for a house we will be building. What are the tradeoffs for walls? Is carpet on the walls betwwen the columns just about as good as acoustic tiles and cheaper too or what?

Suggestions please.
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Do some online reading in the threads below, and come back with more specific Q.

Look at Ethan W's site first, then the others.

I made this post in another thread, re-post here:
Side note:

I have this general suggestion for those wanting to learn about acoustics:

A) read this 3 page thread Acoustic Treatment basic FAQ , its a easy read in layman terms, good foundation with practical discussion.

B) Then I'd say read the first 4-5 pages of Acoustical Treatments Master Thread , there are 200+ pages there but first 4-5 cover much of the stuff

C) Then, post into link given in B your room size/etc and ask your Q's there, if not already answered by doing A) and B) above

D) If you have desire for more knowledge:

-read one of many books out there, a great 1st book is "Master Handbook of Acoustics" by F. Alton Everest

-study Ethan Winers site, http://www.ethanwiner.com/acoustics.html

-This is also a 101 read on Room Acoustics, http://www.crutchfield.com/learn/lea...acoustics.html

-I was surprised at this SAE Home Acoustics info site http://www.sae.edu/reference_materia.../fullindex.htm

-There are many other sites on the web, like http://forum.studiotips.com/index.php , acoustical measurements defined http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue12/rives2.htm , http://www.rpginc.com/news/library.htm , etc.

-Be careful of info overload all at once
Executive summary: carpet on the walls will over absorb high frequencies - and not deep enough to do anything below that.
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