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Carver 1.5 MT Magnetic Field Amps

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I own two Carver M 1.5 T Magnetic field amps and was wondering if anyone in the forum was aware of the quality of them. I would like to incorporate them into my new home theater which will be compossed of Lexicon DC2 or MC1. I believe these two channel apms were rated at 500 watts per channel.

any help would be appreciated


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I believe these are the amps that Bob Carver challenged stereophile writers

on a listening test. They could compare their sound to any amplifier, they

chose a $10,000 a pair monoblock tube amp(don't know which one)to compare

to. The writers could not detect a difference between the amps.


What in the Wide Wide world of Sports is goin' on here

This is from Orion Blue Book 1997 ver.

Year Introduced 1982

Year Deleted 1988

Power 350wpc

New list $900

Retail Used $210

Wholesale Mint $125

Wholesale Average $70

Orion #5470

Hope this helps you.

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I use a Carver 1.5t to power my left,right front speakers. I also have a Carver 1.0 for my rear channels. If you know anybody selling Carver 1.5s less than $200 in good working order let me know.

FYI. I use a B&K ST1400 series II to drive my centers


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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