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Carver C-4000m M-400*2

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Equipment sold.

Antique Carver amplifiers, outstanding (but broken?) $200, or best offer, or free

C-4000 Holographic pre-amp / control console
M-400 magnetic field power amp
M-400a magnetic field power amp

The M-400's are/were rated at 200watt/channel stereo or 500 watt mono.

I bought these around 1978 - 1980, and used them through the 80's and 90's with my Infinity RS 4.5 speakers, in an 800 sqft room with beautiful acoustics..
Absolutely fantastic sound. Pure state-of-the-art at the time, and the system stood up to anything else for most of that time.
I setup the system as bi-amp, for a measly 800 watt total, and sometimes, one power amp per channel for 1000 watts.
Just thought a 1kW system seemed -- 'unique'.

Somewhere along the way, one of the M-400s stopped working, then the convenience of remote controls became more important, and my high-freq hearing gradually faded, so when I moved to a different home without the great acoustics, I put everything away (except the speakers).
There is no physical damage, except a minor chip on the C-4000 time delay output knob. Best I can remember, the C-4000 was working but the M-400s were not. I'm really not going to set everything up to find out for sure.
C-4000 manuals - official and preliminary included.

So 20 years later, it's time to recycle this stuff, or find a new home for it.

1st choice: sell it all for a modest amount + shipping. $200 or best offer.
2nd choice, if no offer: give it all to someone with the skills to try to get it working, and who will pay for shipping.
3rd choice: electronics recycling


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