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Used in Good Condition - the D-12 has a Black Ash finish compared to the Piano Black on the Sunfire

Getting deep and accurate bass with style is possible using the Sunfire HRS12 12-inch passive subwoofer. HRS means High Resolution Series and it is exactly what this Sunfire subwoofer intends to bring to the owner's home theater system. Stunning bass, low distortion, and great power handling from a 12-inch passive subwoofer that is easy to set up and is particularly well suited for medium-sized dedicated entertainment rooms. Featuring a built-in 1000-watt Class D amplifier, this 4.6-Ohm Sunfire subwoofer has a frequency response range that goes from 16 Hz to 100 Hz and a maximum Sound pressure level of 108 dB. The exterior design of this Sunfire HRS12 subwoofer's sealed enclosure, with its glossy finish, is a compact cabinet that attempts to transmit with its detailed craftsmanship the same quality that lies underneath. With a form that is close to 13.5-inch cube but with angled top edges instead of sharp ones, this Sunfire subwoofer weighs 38 lbs so it can be conveniently placed in any small available space to enjoy movies and music with excellent sound at any volume.

Product Identifiers

Brand Sunfire

Model HRS12

Key Features

Speaker Type Powered Subwoofer

Construction 1-Way

Technical Details

Frequency Responses 18 Hz - 100 Hz

Sensitivity 108 dB

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