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I dont have nearly the $$$ to spend on a nice HT like some, but here is what I have so far.

Pioneer SD 532 HD5 - 53" RPTV HDTV Ready (includes DSub15 Port!)

Pioneer VSX-D509S Receiver

Pioneer PD-M502 6 CD Changer (Old Cartridge Based Unit)

Pioneer DV-525 DVD Player

JBL Northridge Series 4.1 Speakers

JBL PowerBass PB12 Sub

Phillips Tivo 1, 14 hour, with extra 80GB 5400rpm drive, no other mods

Sony PS2, first generation.


Asus P2B-S Mobo

Flip Chip P3-750 on a MSI Slotket

256MB Infeon PC133

Radeon 7000 AGP

Old Crappy ISA Based Sound Card

Generic PCI NIC

20GB 7200 rpm

40GB 5400 rpm

Kenwood 72x CD

Was going to put in a SB Live! Platinum (minus the LiveDrive), but the damn thing locks up the machine so I think its fried.

Hoping to add before the year's end, a Radeon 7500 DDR and a HiPix HDTV Tuner.

Next year will bring a whole new Mobo/Chip/Ram combo, which will then let me use the 2 WD 100GB 7200 rpm drives I have here in boxes.

All this is in the living room, because I'm in a rented 3 bedroom house, and none of the rooms are big enough to become a dedicated HT Room.

I'm not sure where to start upgrading, or even if I should until I get my own place, but I DO have access to VoluTone, an AV WholeSaler/Distributor in the Los Angeles Area through a friend of mine.
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