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I have an Optoma ML750st and would like to connect to my pc in the room above.

PC is HPE 500z and has HDMI.

Would wireless work for gaming? (Chromecast... Roku?)

If not, what about a HDMI cable + a wireless keyboard and mouse?

I'm currently connected to an older PC via VGA. I was projecting Super Crate Box (240 x 160) to 6' or so, and it was a blast. Optoma page above says input lag = 17ms.


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chiptape, great question!

The internet says Chromecast and stuff are laggy for gaming, so I drilled a hole in the floor and ran an HDMI cable.

Here's what I bought:

2.1 channel speakers... Logitech Z623
blu-ray player... Samsung UBD-K8500
Carl's Blackout Cloth... rolled
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse... Logitech MK320
iMBAPrice USB 3.0 Extender USB Male to Female Extension Cable
AVENK 3x1 4K HDMI Switch with Audio Extractor
AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable, 10 Feet... x2
Aurum High Speed HDMI Cable 25 Ft

I love it!

Speakers are 200 watt RMS for $110 !
Projector isn't the brightest, but the LED is nice when I take the projector on the road.
Keyboard/mouse receiver is plugged into the USB extension cable and threaded through the hole in the floor.
~$1,000.00 total cost, not including the PC.

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