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Cat 5 cable for VGA -> RGBhv

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I have been reading Mr. Wiggles post about making a video cable from a shielded cat 5 cable but i dont know what to think, so i want to try it myself.

Does anyone know how to connect the cable shield on the RBGHV side? Anyone tryed this?

Thanks in advance.
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Why bother using CAT5e? Use 75 ohm cable designed for the purpose of transporting video. www.gepco.com sells 5-conductor coax (and six) in a shielded cable or plenum for $1.35-$1.42/foot. That's not bad. It's the same stuff used in the BetterCables component cables. The expense is the connectors and the time to install them correctly.

For example, I recently ordered a cable from Rick Thompson there. 35' of cable is $47.25 but the connector installation (5 BNC and a VGA) cost $50. That's still cheaper (by about half, I think) than the equivalent BetterCables cable.

Now, granted, CAT5e is still cheaper than $1.35/foot, but it's not designed for video, it isn't 75 ohm cable, and the conductors aren't individually shielded.



PS Rick Thompson is the sales rep I talked to at GEPCO. Nice fella. Although they normally sell huge spools of this stuff (to people like BetterCables) he said they are happy to build one-offs and the like.

Rick Thompson
[email protected]

GEPCO International, Inc

1770 Birchwood Avenue

Des Plaines, IL 60018-3006

(800)966-0069 x21
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