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CAT 5 or Coax for subwoofer?

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I recently had an outdoor living space built and I had 4 channels of speaker wire run from inside the house to the speakers outside.  It's an open space and I'm disappointed in the lack of low frequency and I'm thinking I want to add a subwoofer.  The problem is, I don't have any more speaker wire run and they had to cut up a bunch of drywall to install what's there now.  In retrospect, I should have run a bunch of extra lines of speaker wire just in case.  However, my electrician did run 2 extra coax cables and 2 extra cat 5 cables.  It seems like I should be able to use one of these to send a signal to a powered subwoofer, correct?  Which would be best?
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Try the coax first with an F to RCA adaptor. If you have excessive hum, the CAT5 wire makes an excellent balanced circuit. But you will then need either transformers or active balance transmitters and receivers.
I use coax for one of my subs in my HT and it is whisper quiet and sounds great.

Originally Posted by handsaw  /t/1518225/cat-5-or-coax-for-subwoofer#post_24368242

I use coax for one of my subs in my HT and it is whisper quiet and sounds great.

Yes some for people it works fine and others have hum. One thing it could be is that many powered sub woofers are not grounded electrically, that is they use a two prong AC plug.

However if your sub woofer has a three prong grounded plug, you must use it that way. Don't cut the ground off or use an adapter. It may very well cure the hum problem but you will have created a potentially lethal safety issue should something go wrong inside the sub woofer.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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