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Cat5 to component & RCA Audio

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Newbie here with a question. I did a quick search (hopefully not using the wrong keywords) and didn't see an answer...

I've seen wall plates where it converts Cat5 to component plus spdif but if I want to distribute component plus rca left & right audio is there a way to do it with a single cable? I assume the Cat5 can't handle (being converted to) more than the 4 connections (component plus spdif) since it uses all 8 to do that.

What is the next best thing (to getting one cable to run component and L+R audio)? Two Cat5 have to be run?
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Originally Posted by morikaweb /forum/post/0

Check this out I believe this is what you want:


Thanks for the reply...

That amp/transmitter seems like overkill for what I want. I don't think I need an amplifier. Also, I was hoping for a wall plate version.

Reading the User's manual for the B&K HD6 (which I hope to add to my CT610 in the near future, btw, any for sale used?) the LB10W wall plate can handle the video upto 500 feet (IIRC) with Cat5e without any added power requirements. My guess is that I need a second Cat5e for the audio and a simular wall plate as the LB10W next to the video for audio. Not sure if the amp/transmitter you linked to needs power or not though.
I have used the quickport 110 RCA jacks before for a short run of stereo audio and didn't have any problems. I really don't think I'd use it for component video however.


for one room, I use the Audio Authority 9870 system which uses 2 cat5 cables to send component video, analog audio, digitial audio, and IR and it works great.
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