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Cat5e with baluns or mini-coax: which is better for line level audio?

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Hi all,

I need to run line-level stereo audio through a wall where I already have the following existing wires installed from a remodel: i) a single cat-5e, ii) 2 skywalker RGB bundles (3 smaller coaxes in each bundle so 6 total mini-coaxes); and iii) quad-shield RG-6

Looking at other posts, seems I (at least) have the options below. My question is which would be better from a sound quality standpoint (this is a 20 foot run):

- Run baluns terminators on the ends and use the cat-5 (RCA to Cat-5).

- Terminate 2 of the coax cables in the RGB bundles with RCA connectors and use those as in-wall audio interconnects. I've read that skywalker isn't the best quality coax out there

If you think cat-5 + baluns is the way to go, what are the best baluns in your opinion?

Many thanks in advance.

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