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Catch the Ball! <a review>

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I'd like the opportunity to talk to you guys about this Brand new community game known as Catch the Ball! disclaimer: I am not the creator, nor do I hold any vested interest in this game.

Basically, you move your circle around the board and catch this other circle known as a "ball". You have to do it faster than this other circle and as you catch the ball, your circle gets bigger. It can become quite frightening to see your opponent's circle become so huge while you shrink! Graphics are amazing with bright circles dominating a blackground. Controls are complex, yet doable. You move your togglestick around and that controls your circle wherever you'd like it to move.

so overall this one is worth checking out
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I think I've played that. Is that the one where I end up yelling at my kid for catching the ball with his face instead of his hands and then have to yell at him more for being afraid of the ball until he runs in the house crying and I get disapproving looks from the wife?
no, what you have there is a child with poor coordination. Send him to camp for the summer or kick his butt is your solution
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