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CATV ground loop hum. How should I have it fixed?

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I rent two floors of a house and someone else rents the basement.

Should I buy a Jensen Transformers: the ISO-MAX VRD-1FF CATV Ground Isolator or make comcast fix the problem?

I have several splitters in my setup. One 2 way splitter outside splitting the cable between upstairs and downstairs. Two 3 way splitters on the main floor. The first 3 way splitter has one connection to the cablebox, one direct to the tv using a cablecard and the third to another three way splitter. The other 3 way splitter has a cablemodem and two computers with tv cards. I actually hardly ever use the tv on my computer.

I know the circuit breaker box is in the basement apartment on the other side of the house. The CATV cable is split and is simply pushed through the front wall of of both floors in my apartment.

So should I make comcast fix the problem or just get a ground isolator? Is a ground isolator as safe as actually getting the cable grounded correctly? Or any suggestions are welcome.
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Not sure about the Jensen isolator, is it expensive?

I made a cheap isolator out of two of those old adapters that used to be needed to connect the round coax cable to the screw terminals on older TV's.

Just take the pair of wires from those adapters and connect them together from one adapter to the other. That will leave you with the female F-connectors pointing out from each end of your homebrew isolator. Just connect this in series with your cable and see if it helps. I soldered the wires and just put a bit of heat shrink tube on them to prevent shorts.

I guess you could try the cable company, but if it's "not their fault" they'll likely send you (or the landlord) a nice fat bill.

Sounds like you have a lot of splitters, too bad you can't have just one main splitter with enough ports and more "home runs" of coax. You'd probably get better picture, but I'm sure you're limited what you can do in a rental property.
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I'd say try an active splitter (one with an amp in it)
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