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CBS-HD on Dish 16 Oct 01

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Anyone getting CBS-HD (9453) on Dish since 9:00PM Eastern?

JAG was on before 9:00, now there is nothing.
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Not OTA, or via TWC in New York City either.
Yep, WCBS-DT went off the air just after 9:00 PM. Bummer!
Hi All

We did not have a good evening last night.

A little after 9 pm the aural cabinet of our NSTC transmitter kind a had a fire....

That caused a 200 amp breaker to trip, That caused the power to go nuts and tripped the DTV transmitter. Dish takes our off the air feed for the East coast feed....

After we got the NTSC back on the air with the backup NTSC transmitter we restored the DTV

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Jeezz Bob...at CBS...when it rains it really pours!

Most broadcasters know that, in this business, s**t happens. The professional and pragmatic ones have a plan in place and follow it.

Back-ups, contingencies, and spares have been deemed as not necessary by many stations with "bean counter" management.

Good job, CBS (and you, too, Bob!)
Hi All,

BTW - the NTSC transmitter is 37 years old.....

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