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CCFL 40" LCD purchase help - Used okay

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I am fairly sensitive to PWM flicker and don't like LED TV's that use them. I would like to purchase a 40" (or less) CCFL backlit LCD TV. It does not have to be super thin.

I realize I missed the boat a couple years back as I've been enjoying my RPTV, but now I need one for a second living room.

Any recommendations on a good middle-to-upper unit in any reliable brand from a few years back? I'd also be interested in anything new that uses CCFL, or maybe an LED TV if it doesn't use PWM.

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Not all LED's use PWM for backlighting


Personally, I only heard of this problem on PC monitors, not on HDTVs.
OK, I wasn't sure. It is NOT a problem on any TV?
Honestly, I have never seen or heard from anyone who mentioned flicker on their LED TV sets.

The only times I seen it mentioned were in PC LED monitor reviews.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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