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My proposed component distribution setup is a 3x5 Cables to Go (Impact Acoustics) matrix coupled with CE Labs cat5 active baluns. I experimented with cheaper passive baluns from ebay, but picture did not look good. The CE Labs baluns work well but image quality is just not quite as good as i hoped.

Since I have to run wire anyway, would image quality at approx 100' (or shorter) be better with mini coax instead of cat5?

Next question invovles the IR. I am currently using hot link pro at several of my locations. If i wanted to keep local DVD players at these locations in an AV cabinet, is there a way to use the hot link pro as it exists with the dvd player but also use the signal generated from the emitter of the hot link pro to drive the IR input on the CE labs baluns to drive the equipement in the media closet. Not sure how to make that work.
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