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CEA releases July DTV product sales to dealers

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According to this press release , sales to dealers of DTV products in July totaled 238,835 which is only an 8% increase over July 2002. Sales throughout 2003 had been about 60% higher than 2002 so this looks to have been a slow month.

DTV product sales to dealers:


July 213K

Aug 236K

Sept 261K

Oct 293K

Nov 305K

Dec 308K


Jan 196K

Feb 241K

Mar 226K (adjusted)

Apr 170K

May 240K

Jun 365K

July 239K



Contacts: Jeff Joseph

tel: 703 907-7664

email: [email protected] Jenny Miller

tel: 703 907 7079

email: [email protected]

July Digital Television Sales Stay Hot

Unit Sales Up 56 Percent Year-to-Date


Arlington, Virginia 9/5/2003

Manufacturer-to-dealer sales of digital television (DTV) products during the month of July remained on track for a record year, according to figures released today by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). Factory shipments totaled 238,835 units with revenues of nearly $354.8 million for the month. Unit sales for the month of July increased by eight percent compared to the same period in 2002, while dollar revenues on DTV product sales remained level.

Overall, year-to-date factory sales of DTV products now total 1,677,548 units with dollar revenues of more than $2.5 billion. Compared to sales during the same period in 2002, unit sales have increased 56 percent and dollar sales have increased 34 percent.

"This definitely bodes well for year-end estimates," said Sean Wargo, senior industry analyst for CEA. "We're already ahead of pace compared to the banner year in 2002 and are in position to see record-breaking totals for 2003 year-end figures."

CEA recently announced upwardly revised projections for DTV unit sales, which now show that 4.3 million units will be sold in 2003, 5.8 million in 2004, 8.3 million in 2005, 11.9 million in 2006 and 16.2 million in 2007.
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