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AVSForum and 20,000 home technology professionals will converge on Indianapolis at CEDIA EXPO 2011 in September. Will you be there? If you are interested in the home technology industry, already in the industry or just simply love technology you need to be at CEDIA EXPO! CEDIA is making it easy for you to get schooled and learn about new products…let’s not forget it’s the coolest show out there!

Register now using the following codes here: http://www.cedia.org/expo

Are you a CEDIA Member?

Use code “indyvalue” to take advantage of the Members’ Only Education Pass for only $299 – all the education you can fit into your schedule PLUS trade show access.

Not a member? Use code “Twitter1” to save 25% off of your total registration

Interested in product knowledge only? Use code “2011GP” for complimentary trade show access.

*discounts only apply to new registrations.

Remember to make time Friday night for the AVSForum meet and greet. More info can be found HERE .

See you there!
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