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I'm in the planning/design stage of a dedicated home theater room. Currently I have 2 rooms finished in my basement (see figure -- "old room" and "screen room") -- but it is crappy drywall done by the previous owner. All the seams show.

I plan to put in a wall with pocket doors between "old room" and "screen room". Then I will remove a wall to connect "screen room" to "new room." The screen room is 12X13. All the rooms are drawn to scale. "new room" and "closet" are not currently finished -- but I'd like to finish them. I'm putting a treadmill in "closet" -- with pocket doors between "new room" and "closet."

My dilemma is what to do for a ceiling in the new room. It has some water, phone, and duct work -- so I hate to cover it with drywall. "screen room" and "new room" are 7'6" -- old room is 6'6' (damn recessed floor in living room above). I also have about a 10" riser for back row of seats in screen room. New room will either get a poker table/chairs or a raised bar with stools for watching.

My options for "new room" ceiling are:

1) drywall (to heck with access -- and it matches "screen room")

2) knotty pine (my wife loves -- but not acoustically a good choice. I'm assuming I can screw the boards up -- making it easier to remove if needed)

3) surface mount drop ceiling (I've found a few on the web).

4) other (just boards wrapped in cloth???)

If I go with something other than drywall -- do I match it in the "screen room"?

Keep in mind the "screen room" has a drywall ceiling -- that I wouldn't have to take out -- just redo the seams. Also -- there is a 1' header between the "screen room" and "new room" that hangs down to 6'6" and spans the width of the rooms -- and duct work within two feet of the header in the "new room" that parallels the header (not shown in figure).

Any thoughts welcome.
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