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Ceiling mount kit recommendation for Panny AE4000u

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Hey Guys!

Well I had originally mounted my PJ on a high shelf, but wifey says that the shelf has to go
So I wanted recommendation for complete mounting kits for Panny AE4000U.

It would be great if existing Panny owners can chime in on what ceiling mount they are using. I am looking for a complete kit with a small extension rod
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I just used a universal mount from monopice. It works great.
good call. i didn't even think to check monoprice, though i shop there for most other needs besides coffee. i need an hdmi cord anyway. i'll check them out. that, or i'll make one at my work.
Chief RPMAU. Expensive, but good quality and easy to make fine adjustments.
So I finally went with peerless ceiling mounting kit. Not the best but it looks sturdy enough to support the PJ.

Just got it today. Will attempt to mount it and will get back with my feedback
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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