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Ceiling or Inwall for Rear Surround in Basement Theater

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I'm finishing my basement and looking for advice as to which speaker to use for the rear surround.

TV: 85" Sony 900
Receiver: Sony STR-DN1080
Front and Center: Martin Logan Motion 4 and 8.
Atmos Height Speaker: Sonance 6" round in ceiling speaker

I have 3 options for the Rear Speaker, none of which allows for proper or symmetrical placement around the back window.

  • Option 1: Yamaha In Wall Speaker: I started with this option and installed one speaker. Might look funny to have one speaker close to the window. However, it's printable so I could paint it with the matching wall color. Will still be noticeable if painted. This speaker does not allow you to point the drivers at the desired target.
  • Option 2: Sonance 6" round in ceiling spear. This is my first choice and I think this would look best. It'll blend into the ceiling. I'm leaning towards this option unless the feedback the forum provides is that the sound quality and imaging will be SIGNIFICANTLY worse. These speakers allow you to point the driver towards the target.
  • Option 3: Martin Logan Motion 2. This would sound the best but would look the worst. I get that matching the fronts is nice but it'll really stick out again the back wall. Again, they wouldn't be placed symmetrically so it'll look odd.

I do not have a speaker backer box so I'm concerned that the sound quality will not be good and I'm concerned about noise bleeding into the upstairs. I have fiberglass insulation between the floors but I could stuff more. Would that help?

From what I've read on the forum, the sound imaging from ceiling is the least desirable. However, if it's only 15% worse, I'd be ok with that. Thanks!


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I would do in/on wall and much lower than you have shown. Especially since you plan on doing in ceiling height speakers.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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