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I'm setting up a 5.1 system for a friend of mine in their family room. I'm not expecting much, since we're using the wiring put in by the builder and everything will be ceiling mounted. I'm planning on going with Axiom but I'm wondering if I should go with surrounds or a pair of M2's facing down? The surrounds will be right over the seating and it seems their "quadpoles" would become too muddled in that situation.

Also, I'm going with Axiom because they seem to have the easiest ceiling-mount solution. Well, that's not the only reason of course, but that's why I chose them over Paradigm, AV123 Rockets, etc. However, if anyone knows an easy way to mount Paradigm Monitors (what I have in my dedicated theater) or Rockets, let me know. My local *digm dealer didn't want to talk to me about mounts if he wasn't installing them and I can't call AV123 till tomorrow.
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