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Ok i'm living in an apartment at college, and i wanted to mount my projector.

I was planning on doing a wall mount in the rear of the room at the top of the wall where there is about 2" of stud (runs parallel to the ground, what the studs nail into)

Would this work? as in would it be stable?


*edit* don;t know why link wont post, ebay search "wall projector mount"

Is 65$ kind of expensive for a wall mount like that, is there something better that work work?

The pj is a marantz vp4001, so only 9.1lbs


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If your pj to screen will allow a rear wall mount why not a simple shelf?

What is your lens-to-screen distance? What is your ceiling height?

Our viewing room is apartment sized (I think) with 13 ft wall-to-wall distance and 7.5 ft. floor to ceiling.

Our projector sits on a shelf - our is stand along but you can easily locate the vertical studs and attach shelf supports that will allow up/down shelf height adjustment.

Our shelf is about 5 ft off the floor and with space behind for cables and such our throw distance is about 11.7 ft giving us a near 120 inch diagonal screen image. The projector sits upright and with a little vertical lens shift operates perfectly with our screen and projecting well over the heads of seated viewers.

That's what works for us and a shelf is WAY easier than some permanent wall or ceiling mount.

good luck
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