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Can't see a Celestion speaker thread so thought start one.


Many years ago I saw a pair of Celestion A3's in local hifi shop, struck in awe of size and build quality. I asked how much they were he said £3000. I thought wow I'll never be able to afford one of those.

Celestion A series were for the companies 25th Anniversary. Made to excellent build standards, with furniture grade finish. The side cheeks are 1.5" (either side) panels of real wood.

Years later a mate bought a pair of Celestion A5R dipole for sides. Remembering the Celestion A3, I tried the A5R for left & right to get an idea of sonic presentation- I liked them.

So for a while I looked for Celestion A series speakers, they are pretty rare, the ones that do turn up are damaged in some way. Luckily a mint pair of Celestion A1's came along second hand


A few months later a pair of Celestion A3's in Rosewood were available to replace the A1 for Hifi system. I thought what the hell.

And then, just after two weeks the matching Celestion A4C turned up, if I wanted a front three setup for home theatre instead of my Kef Home theatre (I could not swap over the speakers from one system to the other) thought would be a good idea as these are pretty rare as well.

They also made a subwoofer, A6S.


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