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I am in the process of updating my HT - I will have a Panasonic The-65PX600UA 65" plasma and am thinking of going with NHT Classic Three speakers as front speakers, NHT IW4 or another set of Classic Threes as rear and IC4 as back channel surrounds NHT Twelve sub.

The plasma panel will be installed above the fireplace - front speakers in cabinets to left and right and sub in a recess in the stone, which will be hidden by speaker cloth. For the center channel, I would like to go with the NHT Classic Three/C, but I am a little lost about where to locate it.

1. Mount it on the stone below the plasma - worried it will look pretty bad

2. Mount it above the plasma panel in a beam at ceiling (probably will look OK, but worried about locating the speaker so high).

3. Build a shelf above the sub - will look good since it would be hidden, but location is below and a few feet to the right of the plasma panel.

4. Go with an IC4 or IW4 in ceiling as center channel - will look good, but maybe worst sonic solution.

Any thoughts?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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