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Center Channel Calibration Help

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When I watch a movie I hear the dialog as though it is coming from my center channel (I know it actually is) instead of perceiving it coming from the actors on the screen. I figured most of this was due to lipsync issues as my video goes thru a HDMI switch but audio goes direct (not thru HDMI). So I have been struggling to get the lipsync fixed by watching clips and running a test on DVE. I think I have it set correctly now but I still dont get the sense that the dialog is coming from the actors but rather directly from the speaker. Am I missing something? Is there a better way to set lipsync? Is something else causing this?

Before redoing some of my theater due to flooding I seem to remember believing the actors were speaking and not the center channel speaking.

Any advice?


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You have the center channel positioned above or below, and close to, the screen? I calibrated mine with Avia and it is fine. Are your fronts matched to the center?
I have the Center located right beneath my Screen. The back of the center is only about 3 inches in front of the screen. My Center and Fronts are from the B&W CDM-NT series so they should be matched in quality. I didnt seem to have this problem a couple months back. Only since I redid the theater due to flooding . I didnt change any equipment before or after only new carpet and some risers in the back.
Have you rechecked the speaker levels and distance/delay settings? These can sometimes be lost due to power interruptions, etc. If the center channel is a bit louder than the L/R channels, the dialogue can stay rooted there more than desirable.


Thats a good point. I dont think my Pre-Pro lost the settings but I think I may have increased my center channel a db or 2 just before the flood. I will have to check those out. Thanks for the advice.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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