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I'm new to this so I might be way off.

My understanding is that the typical center channel design is MTM - meaning midrange - tweeter - midrange. The reasoning for this is because the center is responsible for most if the dialouge - dialouge is is in the "middle of the range" of the spectrum so midrange speakers are the one that best reproduce voice.

Under this belief I want to clear up the midrange/dialouge for my parents new HDTV. My mother has had a couple strokes and she has trouble understanding low tones. She hears them as sound but can't make out what they are saying. When they whisper(it's a low tone) or there is someone speaking with bass in their voice she struggles.

I was looking at the Pioneer SP-C21(along with the floor standing ones to even out a 3.0 setup) - the Andrew JOnes one that got such great reviews. I have a chart from Pioneer that list the type of driver in all the speakers in that line the center is listed as having 2 woofers and 1 tweeter. Why is this...would it not be good for the purpose I want.

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