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I was wondering if I could get some opinions please.

I have built a pair of Dayton III MTM's to use as front L/R channels in my dedicated home theater (I know, some think this is not a good thing due to some mid restrictions). I would now like to build a center channel for it. I have scoured the boards/web sites some and have read the following :

1) Use the same architecture (drivers/x-overs) for the center as the mains. This concerns me as the Dayton III MTM's, as stated above, lack some mid level important to the center channel.

2) Move the woofers closer together.

3) Move the tweeter up a little in relation the the woofers.

Being a relative neophyte in speaker building, can someone please shed some light on where some public domain plans are for a center channel that will match my Dayton III MTM's ? I would really appreciate it. I'm a programmer and am fairly "gear-headed" but please, I still do not fully understand the "techno geek" terms of good speaker design to the point of designing my own x-overs. Not really too sure I want to get that deep anyway !

Thank you in advance for any help.


PS. I'll post some pictures of my MTM's when I finish the "finish" on them (black lacqur piano finish). Boy its hard to get a perfect mirror when doing this !

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