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Center channel Sub ?

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I have a Velodyne CHT 12 for the sub for my main speakers. I had a kit made MCM 150 watt sub collecting dust, so I hooked it up to my center channel and run my CC speaker through it set to large on the rec.. It appears to give me better control over the mid bass. Am I dillusional or has anyone else done the same. Does it add to the overall base output substantially ? I have a 7.1 Onkyo rec.
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Glad you posted this, I have been running my velo off the center channel and think it is better than the lfe hookup. Plus it matches the center channel sound better , music is better for sure, Imo.
Hmmm, I like this idea. Some issues I could forsee are some phasing issues with the sub.

But if it sounds good, who cares?
Originally I had an 8" kit MCM powered sub hooked to the CC and found it worked better than the twelve I have now. (my son gave me the Velodyne for the low life 8" so I traded). He manages the home entertainment center of a-----------store (no free ads.) and said he could see no problems and thought he might try it for a few store set ups and see how the more knowledgable customers responded. I aways wondered why someone doesn't make a small dedicated center channel sub; maybe not a true sub as per mains, but something to play with....room acoustics, per prefs. for that heavey midbase dialog on dvd etc. w/o having a Center channel the size of a bookshelf speaker....just a thought. It does shake things up more than with just the main sub.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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