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Center Channel to go with B&W DM602S2

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Hi Everyone,

I have a set of B&W DM602S2's that I use as front L/R. I have an old center channel left over from college that I am looking to replace. The room is wide and approximately 15' deep. I have a B&W sub and some lousy surround speakers. The next step (down the road) would be to move the DM602s to the back and get new fronts.

I am looking for recommendations on a new center channel. Something that will sound good with the B&Ws but not break the bank (I have looked at some of the B&W centers and they are really expensive).

I appreciate any advice you can give.


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It would depend on what fronts you get.You would want the center to timbre match whatever fronts you decide on.If you move your 602s2's to the back and get something like the 603s3's(just as an example)for the front you would want the lcr600s3 as a center.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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